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Local History Group, formed in 2001, is interested in all aspects of the history and the people of this area - both ancient and modern. We welcome correspondence from anyone who shares this interest. The group archives now include a significant number of photographs and documents, as well as records of baptisms (to 1985), marriages (to 1970), burials (to 2003) and memorial inscriptions (to 2009) from the St John's, Lemsford parish registers. Records of baptisms, marriages and burials before the consecration of the church in 1859 will be found in the registers of the parish of St. Ethelreda, Hatfield. The archive also contains admission records for Lemsford school, now St. John's Church of England Junior Mixed Infants school. We hope that you will enjoy reading about the people and the history of the parish of Lemsford in our web-site and would be delighted if you would like to contribute to the site with your own memories, photographs or family history. We welcome your comments and are happy to search through our archives to try to answer your enquiries.

Contact us on for general information Or to donate images and articles about Lemsford Parish

We have enjoyed researching and building this site. However we are a small group with limited resources and if it has been of help or given you pleasure a small donation to the Lemsford Local History Group to help with the costs would be much appreciated.


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Enjoy Our Images All photographs, images, PDFs and text used on this website are for your enjoyment. Please remember all photographs and material used on this site MAY NOT be copied, in whole or in part, or be duplicated to another computer, transmitted, published, reproduced, printed, hotlinked, etc. without the express written permission of the Lemsford Local History Group. To apply to use an image or article Contact .

To view our collection of gallleries of the parish of Lemsford Click Here

The Families of Lemsford

  1. The Cochrane Family

    A leading Member of our History group Shirley Knapp has researched her family the Cochranes. She has provide images , articles and many wonderful memories

    1. The Tully Family

      The Tully family are a special interest to one of our leading member Doreen Wright. The find out her interest, read her article on William Henry Gardiner.

    2. The Eagle Family

      Bob Eagles a regular member of the group has produced many memories of the Eagle family. He has produce images and family trees that we have open to the public via our website.

      1. The Bunnage Family

        Dr Julie Moore from Hertfordshire University who enjoys our meetings and has helped the group to understand the input the university in the local community with her website, Herts Memories. She has connections with the Bunnages via her husband.

  2. The Wren Family

    The Wren's - The Wren’s of Lemsford go back to 1851 according our records. The family always flock to our display at the fete and have provided us with images and memories. During our research for WW1 we uncovered the contribution to the war effort.:

  3. The Brown Family

    A good friend of the group Jack Brown sent us his memories of his grandfather ‘ The Victorian Gamekeeper’ A member of the group who designs websites built a site to record all of his article about his uncle Ernie Brown landlord of the Chequers (The Crooked Chimney) and life in Cromer Hyde. The site is called H.J.Browm Memories of Cromer Hyde

  4. The Flitney Family

    The first Flitney recorded in our Archives is Daniel aged 35 in the 1840 Census. He had a wife, Sarah (30) and sons George & Joseph. One of the established families who made the Parish of Lemsford so special.

Areas That Make Up lemsford Parish