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The estate was sold to Sir Matthew Lamb in 1746.

This era was an eventful time Sir Matthew engaged one of the leading architects of the day Sir James Paine and asked him to build a new Brocket hall and Paine did just that. Sir Matthew died around 1765. Sir Matthew's son became the first Lord Melbourne, largely through the efforts of his wife who was a mistress of the Prince Regent, later George IV, who was a frequent visitor to Brocket Hall. The Prince gave his mistress a gift of a Reynolds painting which hangs in the ballroom and created the Chinese suite of rooms - known as the Prince Regent Suite - which are still used by residential guests today. The building was finished by by the 1st Lord Melbourne known as Peniston. With his wife they also widened the river into the lake and the work was complete by 1775. A surprising fact about Brocket Hall was at this time was horse races were held in the park. The Read more about Brocket Hall Click Here

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Title of Image above Location of Image Date Donator of Image
Brocket Hall Brocket Hall 1705 Unknown
Artist R. Holmes Laurie Brocket Hall 1790 Bob Williams
Review of Militia by Richard Livesay Brocket Hall 1818 Unknown
Brocket Hall Brocket Hall 1900 Leslie Dickenson
Brocket Hall Brocket Hall 2007 Andy Chapman
Brocket Hall Staff Brocket Hall 1924 Shirley Knapp
Brocket Hall Gamekeepers Brocket Hall Estate 1920 Leslie Dickenson
Brocket Hall Gamekeepers Brocket Hall Estate 1908 Leslie Dickenson
Walter Kerr Brocket Hall 1914 Unknown
2nd Lord Brocket Brocket Hall 1940s Unknown
Lady Angela Brocket Brocket Hall 1940s Unknown
2nd Lord Brocket & Son Brocket Hall 1940s Unknown
Lady Angela & Son Brocket Hall 1940s Unknown
Brocket Family 1967 St Johns Church 1967 Unknown
Brocket Stile Lemsford Mill area 1920s Unknown
Brocket Hall Bridge Brocket Hall 1920s Unknown