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The 1861 Census of Lemsford Parish






Welcome to Lemsford Local History Group

  • The Lemsford Local History Group, formed in 2001, is interested in all aspects of the history
    and the people of this area both ancient and modern.

    Have you information about Lemsford? Contact us on info@lemsfordhistory>co.uk

  • The parish of Lemsford was created out of the parish of Bishop's Hatfield in 1859. Originally the parish included Lemsford Village itself,
    with the outlying areas of Cromer Hyde, Stanborough and the Brocket Park Estate plus part of the west side of Welwyn Garden City.

    Do you want information about Lemsford? Contact us on info@lemsfordhistory@co.uk

  • The group archives include a significant number of photographs and documents,as well as records of baptisms (to 1985),
    marriages (to 1970), burials (to 2003) and memorial inscriptions (to 2003) from the St John's parish church registers.

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