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The Cochrane's - Shirley Knapp (nee Cochrane) is a leading member of Lemsford Local History group and has provided more memories and images for our archive than any other member. When we asked her for her memories of WW1 that were passed onto her she produced a comprehensive, personal and loving recollections of her family, she bought them all to life for this generation. Her first article ‘Cochrane family Loss & Grief,’ deals with the reality and hardship of WW1 to a close country family. Her articles about the members who died, wounded and returned give a feel for the times. Her images provide us with an idea of what those times were like to live through. – Thank you Shirley To find full list of articles Click Here

Lemsford Local History Group have a large archive of documentation & images for all aspects of history in Lemsford Parish. For our website we require your help to update and provide memories, facts and images about all aspects of the past in Lemsford Parish. Please Contact us on

Andy Chapman LLHG

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All photographs, images, PDFs and text used on this website are for your enjoyment. Please remember all photographs and material used on this site MAY NOT be copied, in whole or in part, or be duplicated to another computer, transmitted, published, reproduced, printed, hotlinked, etc. without the express written permission of the Lemsford Local History Group. To apply to use an image or article Contact

Census Name Age Relationship Location Occupation Birthplace
1891 Robert Cochrane 51 Head Lemsford Ag Labourer Scotland
1891 Marian Cochrane 45 Wife Lemsford   Scotland
1891 John Cochrane 19 Son Lemsford Ag Labourer Scotland
1891 William Cochrane 15 Son Lemsford Ag Labourer Herts
1891 James Cochrane 9 Son Lemsford Scolar Herts
1891 David Cochrane 7 Son Lemsford Scolar Lemsford
1891 Annie Cochrane 5 Daughter Lemsford Scholar Lemsford
1901 Robert Cochrane 63 Head Lemsford Ag Labourer Wrigton
1901 Marian Cochrane 55 Wife Lemsford   Glasgow/td>
1901 William Cochrane 25 Son Lemsford Ag Labourer Hatfield
1901 David Cochrane 17 Son Lemsford General Labourer Lemsford
1901 Annie Elizabeth Cochrane 14 Daughter Lemsford Lemsford
1901 John Cockran 29 Head North Road Lemsford Waggoner at Mill Scotland
1901 Lucy Cockran 36 Wife North Road Lemsford Welwyn
1901 William Cockran 5 son North Road Lemsford Hatield
1901 James Cockran 2 son North Road Lemsford Hatield
1901 Robert Cockran 2 mths Son North Road Lemsford Hatield
1911 Robert Cochrane 74 Head Lemsford Old Age Pensioner Stonykish Wigtownshire
1911 Marian Cochrane 65 Wife Lemsford   Glasgow/td>
1911 William Cochrane 35 Son Lemsford General Labourer Essendon West Road
1911 Robert Arthur Cochrane 5 G/Son Lemsford Lemsford
1911 John Cockran 40 Head North Road Lemsford Waggoner at Mill Wishaw Combusnetham
1911 Lucy Cockran 41 Wife North Road Lemsford Ayot St. Peter
1911 John Cockrane 18 Son North Road Lemsford Miller Lemsford
1911 William Cockran 15 son North Road Lemsford Worker on Farm Hatield
1911 James Cockran 12 son North Road Lemsford Scholar Hatield
1911 Robert Cockrane 10 Son North Road Lemsford Lemsford
1911 David Hector Cockrane 7 Son North Road Lemsford Hatield
1939 John Cockrane 68 Head Cromer Hyde Coal Carter retired Wishaw Combusnetham
1939 Lucy Cockrane 69 Wife Cromer Hyde Unpaid Domestic Duties Ayot St. Peter

Lemsford Local History Group

The Lemsford Local History Group, formed in 2001, is interested in all aspects of the history and the people of this area - both ancient and modern. We welcome correspondence from anyone who shares this interest.The group archives now include a significant number of photographs and documents, as well as records of baptisms (to 1985), marriages (to 1970), burials (to 2003) and memorial inscriptions (to 2003) from the St John's parish church registers. Records of births, marriages and deaths before the consecration of the church in 1859 will be found in the registers of Bishop's Hatfield parish. The archive also contains admission records for the village school - St. John's Church of England Junior Mixed Infants school - since it was first opened in 1872