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The Sun Inn

1717 is the first mention of this house as an ale – house. The licensee was the widow Ann Gilbet, her husband John Gilbert had died in 1716. However, trouble was bought about by disorderly customers and in 1718 she and her son, also John Gilbert, were forbidden to use the house ‘ the signe of the Sun as an ale-house as apparently they were not licenced to do so. From about the mid 1700s The Sun or ‘Rising sun ‘ as it was known, was a hostelry and for some time was also the village butchers shop.To read full article Click Here

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Title of Image above Location of Image Date Donator of Image
The Sun Inn Lemsford Village 1958 David Sutcliffe
The Sun Inn Lemsford Village Unknown Unknown
The Sun Inn Lemsford Village 1920s WGC Library
The Sun Inn Lemsford Village 1900 Shirley Knapp
The Sun Inn Lemsford Village Unknown Janice Darton
The Sun Inn Lemsford Village Unknown Martin Eagles
The Sun Inn Lemsford Village 1981 Unknown
The Sun Inn Louis Smith - Landlord 2003 Ginny Butler
The Sun Inn Lemsford Village 2008 Andy Chapman