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A good friend of the group Jack Brown sent us his memories of his grandfather ‘ The Victorian Gamekeeper’ A member of the group who designs websites built a site to record all of his article about his uncle Ernie Brown landlord of the Chequers (The Crooked Chimney) and life in Cromer Hyde. The site is called H.J.Browm Memories of Cromer Hyde

Alfred Henry Brown, Mary Ann, Percy, May, Eva, Christine and Mildred

Alfred Henry Brown was born at Basingstoke, Hampshire on April 3rd 1867,where his father, Joseph Brown, worked on the railway. He had a good voice when he was a boy and sang in the choir of Winchester Cathedral, where he won a gold watch. When he died it was buried with him because Grannie didn’t want any argument about who should have it. When her Father died there had been a dispute with her sister, Aunt Ginnie, about who should have a lovely oil lamp, probably the only thing of value they had, and she didnt want it repeated. One of his early jobs was for the Earl of Calthore, but his first job as under gamekeeper was for the Queen Mothers family at St. Paulswaldenbury,St. Pauls Walden, Herts. read full article

BROWN Ernest Charles, bachelor aged 37 of Cromer Hyde and Elsie May PADLEY, spinster aged 37 of Cromer Hyde

Book 1 entry 283 Tuesday, February 14, 1928 - BROWN Ernest Charles, bachelor aged 37 of Cromer Hyde, caterer, son of Alfred Henry Brown, gamekeeper and Elsie May PADLEY, spinster aged 37 of Cromer Hyde, daughter of Christopher Padley, licensed victualler by Banns. Revd. W.W. Clarke Witnesses: C. Padley; H. John Kelsey - read full aticle

Auntie May and Family

Sadly Arthur died in the fifties but Auntie kept on at Kodak for many years. She used to go to the Kodak Hotel at the coast for a holiday and they used to send a car for door to door service. In those days when Sue and Rob were young and we used to go away with them for a week, Auntie May used to come to Elmer Close to look after Nan and sometimes Auntie Eva came too. She moved to a smaller flat, and then eventually moved to an old peoples flat with a warden where she was very happy. All this time her mind was quite clear and her memory good but as she got into her nineties she was not so mobile and used to have a help every day , eventually to get her up and get her meals. She was always a joy to visit and never complained and talked about reaching 100 but it was not to be and after a short illness died in her ninety ninth year. She would have made a lovely Mum and always loved babies and children and we will always remember her.Read her full article

May got a job as cook in the main Kodak factory at Pinner and Arthur got work in the packing department.

May got a job as cook in the main Kodak factory at Pinner and Arthur got work in the packing department. They moved to a new council flat nearby and spent some happy years there. At Kodak they soon realised what a good cook and organiser she was and she was soon promoted to be in charge of kitchens and restaurant. In 1948 when there was still rationing she made us a lovely three tier wedding cake . and they came to our wedding.Read full article

Lemsford Local History Group have a large archive of documentation & images for all aspects of history in Lemsford Parish. For our website we require your help to update and provide memories, facts and images about all aspects of the past in Lemsford Parish. Please Contact us on

Andy Chapman LLHG

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Census Name Age Relationship Location Occupation Birthplace
1841 Shadrack Brown 55 Stanborough Shepherd
1841 Susan Brown 13 Stanborough
1841 John Brown 15 Lives with Munt family Cromer Hyde AG Labourer Herts
1841 Sarah Brown 70 Brocket Hall Lodge Female Servant Essex
1841 Maria Brown 35 Daughter Brocket Hall Lodge Female Servant Essex
1841 William Brown 70 Lives with Charlotte Goodge Lemsford Mill Ag Labourer
1841 Sarah Brown 15 Lives with Sams Lemsford Mill Female Servant
1851 William Brown 88 Head Lives with William Hill Lemsford Mill Parish Relief Hatfield
1851 Sarah Brown 81 Head Brocket Hall Lodge Essex
1851 Maria Brown 51 Daughter Brocket Hall Lodge Gate Keeper Essex
1861 Maria Brown 66 Head Brocket Hall Lodge Gate Keeper Walden Essex
1871 Maria Brown 74 Head Brocket Hall Lodge Lodge Keeper Essex
1901 Alfred Brown 32 Head Cromer Hyde GameKeeper Basingstoke
1901 Annie Brown 29 wife Cromer Hyde Whitwell
1901 Ernest Brown 10 Son Cromer Hyde Pauls Walden
1901 Bertie Brown 8 Son Cromer Hyde Pauls Walden
1901 Frederick Brown 4 Son Cromer Hyde Pauls Walden
1901 May Brown 1 Daughter Cromer Hyde Hatfield
1901 Percy Brown 1 Son Cromer Hyde Hatfield
1901 Alfred Brown 43 Head Cromer Hyde GameKeeper Fleet Hamp
1901 Annie (Mary!) Brown 41 wife Cromer Hyde Whitwell
1911 Alfred Brown 43 Head Cromer Hyde Gamekeeper Fleet, Hamp
1911 Mary Brown 41 Wife Cromer Hyde Whitwell
1939 Ernest C Brown 59 Head The Chequers Inn Cromer Hyde Licensed Victullar Whitwell
1939 Elsie M Brown 48 wiife The Chequers Inn Cromer Hyde Caterer
1939 Thomas Olsen 22 Single The Chequers Inn Cromer Hyde General Help

Lemsford Local History Group

The Lemsford Local History Group, formed in 2001, is interested in all aspects of the history and the people of this area - both ancient and modern. We welcome correspondence from anyone who shares this interest.The group archives now include a significant number of photographs and documents, as well as records of baptisms (to 1985), marriages (to 1970), burials (to 2003) and memorial inscriptions (to 2003) from the St John's parish church registers. Records of births, marriages and deaths before the consecration of the church in 1859 will be found in the registers of Bishop's Hatfield parish. The archive also contains admission records for the village school - St. John's Church of England Junior Mixed Infants school - since it was first opened in 1872